The D800 – Early Pictures

I promised a bit of D800 content. Now, although I have a hell of a lot of work to do, I thought I might share a few early photos. I have to warn you: I have not yet spent a great deal of time working with this camera, but it is a stunner. Check out these shots:

My gecko in her green glory.

Click for full(ish) resolution!

Phelsuma grandis back with water droplets

Gecko scales are water repellent, don’cha know. (again, click for ridiculous resolution)

Click for high res.

Moof makes a fantastic subject. I will say now that I am very impressed with the ISO performance, focus and metering of the D800, though I had to stop down quite heavily to get the desired exposure here. This camera really delivers. Lots of stuff is being added to my kit in preparation for my Madagascar trip in just a few weeks, so I will bring you updates on that soonish too.

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