Welcome to the new website!

The new and improved www.markscherz.com!

After almost a year of sitting idle, I have finally managed to completely overhaul this website.

The new site has been re-purposed! This is no longer going to be a dedicated photography blog. Instead, it is the joint home of my research and my photography. As time (and gradschool) has worn on, photography has taken an increasingly lower seat in my auditorium of priorities, although I do still enjoy and practice it as often as time allows. Meanwhile, I have been in need of a home for my research for some time, and where better than here?

For those of you who subscribe to or follow this blog for the photography, and who I am sure had lost faith in it ever coming back, I am sorry for this change of style. However, I must reassure you that this blog will still host much of my photography, as it ever has.

For the newcomers, I encourage you to read my About page, and then delve into the photography archives! New content will come to the site soon, but in the meantime, there is more than enough history to go through!

I will be transferring large volumes of information from my tumblr to this blog, most notably the #TaxonFiles project and the Changes to Glaw & Vences 2007 list. If you have missed my photography, you can of course check out my flickr as well.

So, I hope you will join me in celebrating the ushering in of a new era here on my homepage! Expect much more Madagascar talk, much more science, and many, many more frogs.

Thanks for your continued support!

— M


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