Corfu, the island of Durrell and dreamers 1

In September 2015, I travelled with my partner Ella to Corfu for a month of holiday and herping. Our original inspiration for the trip was of course My Family and Other Animals, and the other books by Gerald Durrell set on Corfu—these had played a particularly important role in my youth, and I had recently introduced Ella to them. We found the island every bit as enchanting as Durrell had described, and had a great time travelling around the winding roads and rocky wilderness. We even managed to see one of the famous Durrell houses (the Daffodil Yellow Villa)! It was an idyllic month. Here are some photos from that trip!

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One thought on “Corfu, the island of Durrell and dreamers

  • Sandy Scherz

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for sharing your photos from Corfu- the collection is thoughtful and I’m glad you could pend time there, even if I have not yet been. Ella’s a pretty good photographer too!