A new toy!

Why hello there! So sorry it’s been so long since posting. It’s been a few difficult times, but yes, we’ll see. Things change. Anyways; on with the blog! There are some pictures, and some newses!

Alright, now I know I promised it in the last post, but I really am going to add a page for prints and ordering and such, and make a few things clear there too – like the absence of the MASSIVE Mark Scherz (year) thing at the bottom of each picture, and without borders, etc. So, without further ado! The powers that be have bestowed upon me an awesome birthday present! in the form of the AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED!

AF-S Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8G ED from Nikon's own website.

It has been long that I have sought a wide angle, and this, the very best of them, is amazing. If you don’t believe, let me persuade. Bear in mind that I have VERY little experience with wide angle lenses, so the quality of images will, of course, improve with time.

Here’s one taken in the shop, before actually purchasing the lens!

D300 + 14-24mm @ 14mm 1/640s f/2.8

I foresee that this lens will be used for a lot of non-nature stuff for sure. It’s so great for capturing context! Anyways, more of the same really. Enjoy!

D300 + 14-24mm @ 14mm 1/2000s f/2.8

D300 + 14-24mm @ 14mm 1/3200s f/2.8

D300 + 14-24mm @ 14mm 1/500s f/2.8

D300 + 14-24mm @ 24mm 1/80s f/2.8

D300 + 14-24mm @ 14mm 1/6400s f/2.8

D300 + 14-24mm @ 24mm 1/3200s f/2.8

D300 + 14-24mm @ 14mm 1/2000s f/2.8

D300 + 14-24mm @ 24mm 1/400s f/8

D300 + 14-24mm @ 24mm 1/1250s f/2.8

D300 + 14-24mm @ 14mm 1/250s f/10

D300 + 14-24mm @ 14mm 1/640s f/2.8

D300 + 14-24mm @ 14mm 1/2500s f/2.8

D300 + 14-24mm @ 24mm 1/800s f/2.8

That is, I think, 90% of the pictures I’ve thus far taken with the lens. more will of course come later this week, along with that update i promised before. not to worry.

Click on. I will.

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