Clicks – Close for Comfort

I’ve decided to start a new series of blogs. These will be more common, more simple, straight photography. They will contain one shot each, and a few words about the shot – related to how it was taken, the subject, or some other piece of fun and interesting information. The title of these exciting new blogs? Clicks. Each click is on a topic, which is included in the title. I think you’ll get the gist when they get rolling.

So as you can see by the title, we begin the first series with this post. It’s longer than the future ones will be, but hey, you’re still reading. Or, if you’re not, you’re looking at the pretty picture, which is also good, so let’s roll it: Clicks – Close for Comfort.

Phelsuma grandis licking water off a leaf

D300 + 105mm VR @ ISO640 1/60s f/3.8

My very own treasure for photography; meet Moof, my Phelsuma grandis.

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