Clicks – Rare Opportunities

Eurasian Lynx in Lange Erlen

D300 + 300mm VR + TC-14E @ 1/500s f/4

Sometimes a zoo or wildlife park (in this case Lange Erlen in Basel) affords you opportunities that you would never have on a normal day out with your camera. But never underestimate the value of patience. A friend and I waited three hours for 10 minutes of action from this beautiful Eurasian Lynx in spectacular light. And you know what?

It was worth every second.

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0 thoughts on “Clicks – Rare Opportunities

  • Joshua

    Beautiful shot. I really like how you’ve got the face looking into the light here.

    Also, great macro work. I usually don’t use such saturated colors in my post-processing, but you really do it well!

    • Mark Post author

      thanks šŸ™‚ He posed just beautifully for me.
      I don’t actually change my saturation from the camera settings, though i do shoot with a particularly vivvid profile. I really like having that punch to my colours. The only problem is when it’s trying to expose for red when there’s a lot of light, the colour gets oversaturated and a bit of detail is lost. I’ve learned to get around that by underexposing though. Or shooting in manual, as in the latest click.
      Thanks again.

      • Joshua

        Yes – I’ve noticed the Nikkor 70-300 seems to overdo reds quite often… it’s kind of annoying, but usually fixable in Aperture.

        • Mark Post author

          especially if you’re shooting RAW. It tends to be caused by the profile and the camera, rather than the lens itself. You’ll also find that it makes sense physically because of the properties of light and red specifically. It’s all very complicated, but basically sensors are more prone to overexposing red things than any other colour.