Clicks – Life Up Close

Purple and Yellow Bloom

D300 + 105mm VR @ 1/15s f/3.5

Lady Slipper Orchid in Edinburgh Botanics

D300 + 105mm VR @ 1/13s f/4.5

Sometimes, and more often than not in wildlife photography especially, it pays to take your time to get a shot. The orchid above took me almost a hundred shots and almost an hour to get right, but once I got it, I was really happy. Remember that nobody cares how many awful shots you take on the way to getting the awesome one you’re looking for. Spend some time getting to know what works and what doesn’t for your subject, and then plan, think about what you know, and get it right. Play with settings. This is the age of digital photography – take advantage of instant feedback.

Where have I been?

I feel really guilty for having neglected the blog recently. There’s just been too much going on. University has gotten interesting, and that means I have had almost no time for photography and therefore, nothing really new to put up.
That sounds worse than it is though! I’ve actually gotten a lot more involved in the largest university photographic society in the United Kingdom: I’m now on Edinburgh University Photography Society’s committee. I’ve been helping out, teaching, and even giving talks. If you’re about in Edinburgh, and you want to check out what we do, have a gander at our website. There you can read all about upcoming talks and trips.
I want to encourage you all to keep shooting, but if the weather outside is just too cold to do your own photography (never!), go look at that of some of the awesome photographers in the side bar. Particularly, I suggest you check out the work of Karl Grobl. He is one of the best photojournalists I have ever seen, and he is consistently bringing out more and more mind blowing work. He also makes a point of teaching what he knows. His work is really touching and inspiring. Give it 20 minutes of your day. It’s totally worth it.
Finally, I hope you all had an awesome thanksgiving and have enjoyed the show that fall puts on for us every year. It’s almost Christmas time, and I’m looking forward to some awesome winter photography. But first, exams. You’ll hear from me soon, but not until the 14th of December at the earliest.

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