Nature Photography

The Zoo Issue

I’ve gone on extensively in previous posts about the reason I don’t like zoos. Now, without repeating myself, I want to go a bit deeper into the issue because, let’s face it, most of us don’t get to spend time out there in the wild with the animals. Zoos are […]

Victoria Crowned Pigeon Portrait

Victoria Crowned Pigeon in Edinburgh Zoo

Clicks – Wild Expressions

Zoos and wildlife parks present challenges for even the most experienced photographers, which often take time and a few dozen images to overcome. This will be the theme of the new blog post that is on its way! Apologies for the silence on my part. Back at University, and classes […]

Patagonian Sea Lion taking a nap

Differences 5

When it comes to wildlife photography, there are essentially two groups of people. The first group go out, sit, and wait. These are the people who have the patience, skill, and determination, to get that shot. Then there’s the second group. These people claim to be wildlife photographers, but really, […]

Wood Pigeon in Holyrood Park

Pheasants in the Park

Sometimes life grabs you by the neck and drags you along. The last few weeks have been really tough, what with exams and everything, but despite this, I have been faithfully trudging on with at least some photography. I’ve been shooting photographs every day (missed only one so far!) for […]

Swan Lake

Swans are some of the most excellent birds for the starting photographer. They have become tame to the point of stupidity – it is far too easy to get far too close to a swan for your own safety. This has two implications. Number one: photographers get bitten. Number two: […]

A new toy!

Why hello there! So sorry it’s been so long since posting. It’s been a few difficult times, but yes, we’ll see. Things change. Anyways; on with the blog! There are some pictures, and some newses! Alright, now I know I promised it in the last post, but I really am […]