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b. Zamani, A., Vahtera, V., Sääksjärvi, I.E. & Scherz, M.D. (2020) The omission of critical data in the pursuit of ‘revolutionary’ methods to accelerate the description of species. Systematic Entomology, syen12444. DOI: 10.1111/syen.12444 (online ahead of print) [pdf]

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54. Scherz, M.D. (2020) Diamond frogs forever: a new species of Rhombophryne Boettger, 1880 (Microhylidae, Cophylinae) from Montagne d’Ambre National Park, northern Madagascar. Zoosystematics and Evolution, 96(2):313–323. DOI: 10.3897/zse.96.51372 [pdf]

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51. Prötzel, D., Scherz, M.D., Ratsoavina, F.M., Vences, M. & Glaw, F. (2020) Untangling the trees: Revision of the Calumma nasutum complex (Squamata: Chamaeleonidae). Vertebrate Zoology, 70(1):23–59. DOI: 10.26049/VZ70-1-2020-3 [pdf]

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48. Mohan, A.V., Gehring, P.-S., Scherz, M.D., Glaw, F., Ratsoavina, F.M. & Vences, M. (2019) Comparative phylogeography and patterns of deep genetic differentiation of two gecko species, Paroedura gracilis and Phelsuma guttata, across north-eastern Madagascar. Salamandra, 55(3):211–220. [pdf]

48. Mohan, A.V., Gehring, P.-S., Scherz, M.D., Glaw, F., Ratsoavina, F.M. & Vences, M. (2019) Comparative phylogeography and patterns of deep genetic differentiation of two gecko species, Paroedura gracilis and Phelsuma guttata, across north-eastern Madagascar. Salamandra, 55(3):211–220. [pdf]

47. Scherz, M.D., Glaw, F., Hutter, C.R., Bletz, M.C., Rakotoarison, A., Köhler, J. & Vences, M. (2019) Species complexes and the importance of Data Deficient classification in Red List assessments: the case of Hylobatrachus frogs. PLoS One, 14(8):e0219437. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0219437 [pdf]

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45. Scherz, M.D., Köhler, J., Vences, M., Glaw, F. (2019) A new yellow-toed Platypelis species (Anura, Microhylidae, Cophylinae) from the Maroantsetra region, northeastern Madagascar. Evolutionary Systematics, 3(1):75–83. DOI:10.3897/evolsyst.3.33417 [pdf]

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43. Köhler, J., Vences, M., Scherz, M.D. & Glaw, F. (2019) A new species of nocturnal gecko, genus Paroedura, from the karstic Tsingy de Bemaraha formation in western Madagascar. Salamandra, 55(2):73–81. [pdf]

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38. Hutter, C.R., Andriampenomanana, Z.F., Razafindraibe, J., Rakotoarison, A. & Scherz, M.D. (2018) New dietary data from Compsophis and Alluaudina species (Squamata: Lamprophiidae: Pseudoxyrhophiinae), and implications for their dietary complexity and evolution. Journal of Natural History, 52:2497–2510. DOI: 10.1080/00222933.2018.1543732 [Request PDF]

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35. Sentís, M.*, Chang, Y.*, Scherz, M.D., Prötzel, D. & Glaw, F. (2018) Rising from the ashes: resurrection of the Malagasy chameleons Furcifer monoceras and Furcifer voeltzkowi (Squamata: Chamaeleonidae), based on micro-CT analyses and external morphology. Zootaxa, 4483(3):549–566. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4483.3.7. [Request PDF]

34. Rasolonjatovo, S.M., Scherz, M.D., Raselimanana, A.P. & Vences, M. (2018) Tadpole predation by Mantidactylus bellyi Mocquard, 1895 with brief description of the site and morphological measurements of the specimen. Herpetology Notes, 11:747–750. [pdf]

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18. Rakotoarison, A., Scherz, M.D., Glaw, F. & Vences, M. (2017) Rediscovery of frogs belonging to the enigmatic microhylid genus Madecassophryne in the Anosy Massif, south-eastern Madagascar. Salamandra, 53:507–518. [pdf] [blog post]

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Herpetologica_small6. Prötzel, D., Ruthensteiner, B., Scherz, M.D. & Glaw, F. (2015) Systematic revision of the Malagasy chameleons Calumma boettgeri and C. linotum (Squamata: Chamaeleonidae). Zootaxa, 4048:211–231. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4048.2.4 [Request PDF]

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Asterisks (*) indicate shared first authorships



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