2016 Expedition to Marojejy 3

Marojejy is a rainforest-clad mountain massif in northeastern Madagascar. The park was established in 1952 as a strict nature reserve, but was changed to a national park in 1998[1]. Several notable biological research expeditions have been led to this mountain, the most significant of which was the Goodman expedition in […]

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This is a heavily cropped and somewhat edited shot from Madagascar in 2012. I shot almost continuously out of the window of our car as we drove from Andasibe back into Antananarivo to catch the flight home. Some of the resulting shots were salvageable. I particularly like all the things […]

Phelsuma mutabilis on a tree in southern Madagascar

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This website has been dead for too long. I hope to revive it in the near future, coupled with a change of domain and a shift in focus. That is to say, there is a great deal of change coming up. In the meantime, I plan to upload a few […]


Montana really deserves its title as “The Big Sky State”. It is truly the promised land for the panoramic photographer. As I didn’t bring my tripod with me on my trip, I shot only two panoramas on my D800 (the first two below). The rest were shot with the native […]

Andasibe-Mantadia National Park

I have finally gotten around to it! I bring you now my final installment from Madagascar 2012; Rainforest. After my work for Operation Wallacea had come to a close, and I had recovered from some mystery illness that befell me the day all the volunteers left, Brandon Semel (my lemur-loving […]