A neon-green glowing gecko! 2

Today, my colleagues David Prötzel, Martin Heß, Frank Glaw, Martina Schwager, and I, have published our discovery of neon-green fluorescence in the web-footed gecko, Pachydactylus rangei from Namibia in the open access journal Scientific Reports (PDF direct download here). Just after we discovered that so many chameleons fluoresce (three years […]

A very special diamond frog

In 2014, I started working on the taxonomy of the diamond frogs of the genus Rhombophryne, a poorly-known group of semi-fossorial narrow-mouthed frogs from Madagascar. Since then, my colleagues and I have more than doubled the described species in the genus, and we know of several more candidate species that are […]

Two new frogs, three new geckos

While I have been focussing most of my efforts over the last months on the most important publications for my PhD thesis, I’ve still been involved in a number of other papers. This week, two of these have been published: two new species of Guibemantis frogs from northern Madagascar published in […]