A neon-green glowing gecko! 2

Today, my colleagues David Prötzel, Martin Heß, Frank Glaw, Martina Schwager, and I, have published our discovery of neon-green fluorescence in the web-footed gecko, Pachydactylus rangei from Namibia in the open access journal Scientific Reports (PDF direct download here). Just after we discovered that so many chameleons fluoresce (three years […]

Bone-based fluorescence in chameleons!

This week, we published something a little different than our typical taxonomic output. Roughly three years ago, my friend, fellow PhD student David Prötzel, discovered a fascinating phenomenon in chameleons: shining a UV torch on them made patterns of fluorescence appear on their heads and in some species across their […]

Rediscovery of Madecassophryne!

Appearing today (30th October 2017) in the Open Access journal Salamandra, my colleagues Andolalao Rakotoarison, Miguel Vences, Frank Glaw, and I have a paper published detailing the rediscovery of the enigmatic genus Madecassophryne in the Anosy Mountain chain in southeastern Madagascar; you can get the paper here! In December 2016, we […]