Madagascar – The Funerals

During our 7 week stay in Kobokara, there were two funerals. Fortunately, only one of these deaths actually happened whilst we were in the village; when we arrived, the first funeral had already been going on for three months. This gave us a unique opportunity to witness funeral culture in […]

Madagascar – The Places 3

Fort Dauphin Fort Dauphin has a strange atmosphere to it. It is as though its history of great touristic and industrial activity has vanished, leaving behind what is, in places, almost a ghost town. It is eerily quiet, outside of the marketplace, and the beautiful hotels which rise above the […]

Madagascar – The People

I have so many photos to share in this post, I don’t actually have enough words to describe them all, so I have decided to use a different technique. Click an image, and you can scroll through them. how cool is that? The people of Madagascar are of extremely mixed […]

Madagascar – The Trip

Hello again! Back now from my expedition to Madagascar, it is time for me to get back to blogging. That’s not just photo blogging; we are going to be uploading blogs to the expedition website, so you can also read those if you want to know how the whole thing […]

A year in review

Hello and Happy New Year! It’s been too long; really it has. What with exams and all, the time has just rushed past. The stress of it all has lead to a massive decrease in my photographic output, but that’s fine. I think it’s a good idea to look back […]

Victoria Crowned Pigeon Portrait

The Zoo Issue

I’ve gone on extensively in previous posts about the reason I don’t like zoos. Now, without repeating myself, I want to go a bit deeper into the issue because, let’s face it, most of us don’t get to spend time out there in the wild with the animals. Zoos are […]

Clicks – Wild Expressions

Zoos and wildlife parks present challenges for even the most experienced photographers, which often take time and a few dozen images to overcome. This will be the theme of the new blog post that is on its way! Apologies for the silence on my part. Back at University, and classes […]

Victoria Crowned Pigeon in Edinburgh Zoo

Bright Red Bird in Zurich Zoo

Clicks – Wild Expressions

It’s important to remember that it’s a combination of light, composition and focus that make a photograph technically good, but expression and behaviour that make a wildlife photograph truly memorable. Also, as far as Zoos go, it doesn’t get much better than Zurich. If you must shoot at a zoo, […]

Clicks – Rare Opportunities

Sometimes a zoo or wildlife park (in this case Lange Erlen in Basel) affords you opportunities that you would never have on a normal day out with your camera. But never underestimate the value of patience. A friend and I waited three hours for 10 minutes of action from this […]

Eurasian Lynx in Lange Erlen