Yearly archives: 2010

Swan Lake

Swans are some of the most excellent birds for the starting photographer. They have become tame to the point of stupidity – it is far too easy to get far too close to a swan for your own safety. This has two implications. Number one: photographers get bitten. Number two: […]

A new toy!

Why hello there! So sorry it’s been so long since posting. It’s been a few difficult times, but yes, we’ll see. Things change. Anyways; on with the blog! There are some pictures, and some newses! Alright, now I know I promised it in the last post, but I really am […]

The wonders of the 300 2.8 1

Hey! So, it’s been an awful long time since I’ve given a bit of blog, and I figured I should bring you up to speed on the wonderful 300mm f2.8 VR. There have not been many photos from it on here yet, due to its absence in Madagascar. Next time, […]