Monthly archives: September 2011

Madagascar – The Funerals

During our 7 week stay in Kobokara, there were two funerals. Fortunately, only one of these deaths actually happened whilst we were in the village; when we arrived, the first funeral had already been going on for three months. This gave us a unique opportunity to witness funeral culture in […]

Madagascar – The Places 3

Fort Dauphin Fort Dauphin has a strange atmosphere to it. It is as though its history of great touristic and industrial activity has vanished, leaving behind what is, in places, almost a ghost town. It is eerily quiet, outside of the marketplace, and the beautiful hotels which rise above the […]

Madagascar – The People

I have so many photos to share in this post, I don’t actually have enough words to describe them all, so I have decided to use a different technique. Click an image, and you can scroll through them. how cool is that? The people of Madagascar are of extremely mixed […]

Madagascar – The Trip

Hello again! Back now from my expedition to Madagascar, it is time for me to get back to blogging. That’s not just photo blogging; we are going to be uploading blogs to the expedition website, so you can also read those if you want to know how the whole thing […]